Mighty Buildings

Mighty Buildings started in Oakland California in 2017

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About Mighty Buildings

Brief Description

Mighty Buildings is a construction technology and prefab design company based in Oakland, California. Might buildings are unique, in that they use patented 3D printing technology and robotic automation to build their homes. Their Light Stone Material enables a near-zero waste production process. 

Number of Models Available

Mighty Buildings offers 2 ADUs ranging from 350 to 700 square feet and 3 models of single-family homes ranging from 400 to 1440 square feet.

Turnkey Price Range

Mighty Buildings’ ADUs range from $204,000 to $274,000, and their single-family homes range from $349,000 to $503,000.

What’s included in the price

Mighty Building’s prices include everything, from the initial site assessment to your move-in-ready unit. This includes site assessment, pre-approved state plan, move-in-ready home (including all interior finished and appliances), all necessary site work, delivery including craning, and onsite installation. 

Customization Options

Mighty buildings have a variety of customization options and upgrades. Customization options include flooring, siding, paint, furniture, and screen doors. Upgrade options include solar panels, EV charger, smart home technology, deck and landscaping, pool, blackout shades, awnings, alarm system, garage, or upgraded appliances. 

Steps involved in the process

Mighty buildings will help you in every step of the process. They begin by running an initial compliance and feasibility check to evaluate the unique characteristics of your property as well as the regulatory requirements in your jurisdiction. Mighty Buildings then develop site-specific design documentation to apply for the permits. Once permits are approved, it will take approximately 30 days for their partners to prepare the yard for delivery and installation while they manufacture the unit in their facility. Lastly, they will ship the unit fully finished and ready to install with only minor on-site work.

Where do I go to deal with the paperwork and permits needed?

Mighty Buildings will b then work with you to develop the site-specific design documentation necessary to apply for the permits. 

Where do they ship to?

Mighty buildings only deliver to California but hope to deliver across the US in the future.

Do they offer a warranty?

Mighty buildings offer a 10-year warranty on all structural systems. The details of this warranty are outlined in their contract. 

Process length

Mighty Building’s ADUs may take 4-6 months to be installed, depending on their backlog. Here is a timeline breakdown:
• Choose your Mighty Unit
• Site Assessment
• Entitlement Service (1-2 months)
• Permitting Process (2-4 months)
• Delivery and Installation (1 month)


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🔑 Turnkey - Price includes everything

Not included


Panelized Prefab
The parts will be delivered. This method saves on delivery costs since the home is flat packed on a truck.
Parts only
The parts will be delivered. This method saves on delivery costs since the home is flat packed on a truck.
Pre-built (modular)
The parts will be delivered. This method saves on delivery costs since the home is flat packed on a truck.


Installation (site-built)
This manufacturer will
Curbside (pre-built)
The unit will be delivered curbside fully pre-built. Customer is responsible for craning unit into place.
This manufacturer takes care of everything: from site prep to installation.

Oakland, California

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Units Built





PRefab Type




*$200-$340 Per Square Foot
Smart Home
Large Kitchen
Over $200k
Extra Storage
Extreme Weather
Washer and Dryer
$100k - $150k
Appliances Included
Built-in Foundation

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