The ecokit breakout is a 527 sq. ft. energy efficient modular home which includes a kitchen, a bedroom, a bathroom, a living space, a dining area and a loft.
Studio, 1 Bathroom, Kitchen
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The final word on environmentally-friendly tiny homes.

Connecting the concepts of comfort and coziness with all of the versatility provided by a space-age, ecological, elegant home, the EcoKit ethos is that homes for the future need to be radically different than the current standard.

Their philosophy of sustainable life extends past pure energy efficiency, and their modular home is designed to facilitate sustainable living across all aspects of the owners life, including health and financial matters.

A total value cost of $284 / sq. ft. offers potential buyers the ability to take advantage of one of the most innovative solutions on the market today, including a kitchen, living space, bathroom, dining room, bedroom, and even a loft (on a second storey), all of which has been built using wood, and all of which has been designed to minimize the owner's carbon footprint by aiming at complete self-sufficiency.

To this end, all of the finishes and treatments are either low-VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), or no VOC at all. Lastly, optional add-ons abound, including rain water storage & collection, waist treatment, and solar energy harvesting & battery storage, to increase the amount of customizability on offer.

Based in Australia.

1 Bathroom
Washer and Dryer
Large Kitchen

Ships from Australia.

Ships to Australia / Worldwide.

The ecokit ships as a Kit of Parts that require on-site assembly. The kit is flat packed and can be shipped worldwide. Prices only include the kit of parts and not the assembly, transportation, permitting, and other costs around installation.

Shell Only (Kit of Parts)
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Standing out from the crowd on account of its nonconformist architecture—and designed to take advantage of renewable energy sources, such as solar energy and hydroelectricity—this product will eventually be a net positive in terms of utilities, meaning buyers can forget about energy bills.
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Co-investing helps you free up cash by tapping into your home’s equity.

We offer a smart alternative to a traditional loan or line of credit by letting you convert existing equity in your home to cash. Unlike a loan, there are no monthly payments, fees, or interest charges. We’re able to do this by extending a cash payment to you today (for up to 17.5% of its current market value) in exchange for an option to purchase a percent of equity in your home in the future. You make no payments to us until you sell your home, or 30 years pass.

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