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Our do-it-for-me (DIFM) service is hassle-free and tailored to uphold your vision.

We work with you collaboratively to bring your dream to life.


Before any construction can start, you'll need to obtain the necessary building permits. These requirements vary depending on your local jurisdiction's laws and regulations. We'll create the construction drawing set for the permit review.

Although this may seem daunting, don't worry, we'll assist you through this process to ensure everything is smooth. It's a breeze.

Budget & Financing

Once you've selected your design, it's time to plan your budget and secure financing.

Carefully consider what you can comfortably afford, taking into account not just the cost of the home itself, but also the land (if not already owned), site preparation work, potential upgrades, and any customization you might desire.

Various financing options are available, and we can help guide you to the best choice for your circumstances.

Design Your Home

Start with selecting between a custom prefab home tailored to your preferences, or choose from a range of pre-designed homes. Both options offer their own unique advantages and can result in a home you'll love.

Whether you prefer the speed and efficiency of a Prefab ADU, or the limitless customization of a Site-built unit, our expertise in architectural design will help you get a plan that you love, and that your city will approve.

Site Prep & Prefab Construction

This step involves two simultaneous processes. Locally, a contractor will prepare your site, which includes constructing the foundation and setting up utilities.

During that time, your chosen prefab home design is being meticulously built in a controlled factory environment, without the risk of weather delays or missing contractors.

Shipping and Installation

Once construction is complete, your prefab home is carefully shipped as either a kit of parts, or a fully assembled home to your site.

A crane is then used to precisely position the home onto the foundation, where it is secured and properly installed. Utilities are then connected to the home, ensuring it has all the modern comforts you'd expect.


Check out some common questions about our process

How long does the entire process take?

The timeline can vary based on a range of factors including design selection, customization, financing, and permitting. On average, it can take 90-120 days from the time of permit to move-in.

Can I make changes to my prefab home design after I've placed the order?

Typically, changes can be made up until construction begins. However, any changes after the order is placed may affect the cost and the timeline of the project. It's best to finalize your design choices as much as possible before placing your order to avoid delays and potential additional costs.

How much can I customize my prefab home?

The extent of customization varies based on the company and the type of prefab home. Most companies offer a wide range of customization options, including choosing the floor plan, interior finishes, appliances, and more.

What does the site preparation involve?

Site preparation involves getting your land ready for your prefab home. This includes clearing the site, laying the foundation, and installing utilities such as electricity, water, and sewage.

What if I need assistance with securing a permit?

Most prefab home companies are experienced in helping customers navigate the permitting process. They can guide you through the requirements of your local jurisdiction and help ensure you have the necessary permissions to begin construction.

How do I find a contractor for the site work and what will they be responsible for?

Finding a reliable contractor for site work is a key part of the process. You can start by seeking recommendations from friends, family, or your prefab home company. Also, consider researching local contractors online and checking their reviews and previous work. The contractor will be responsible for preparing the land for your prefab home, which includes tasks like clearing the land, setting up the foundation, and installing utilities such as water, electricity, and sewage connections.

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