Method Homes

Started in 2007 from Seattle, Washington

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About Method Homes

Brief Description

Method Homes is a designer, and manufacturer of prefab homes based in Seattle, Washington. They are typically characterized by their modern, high-quality, and sustainable designs.

Number of Models Available

Method has 8 models available with 20+ different sizes total. The size of the homes ranges from 900 - 3,500 square feet. The base prices of the models range from $230,000 - $700,000+. 

What’s included in the price

  • Base prices for Method Homes start from 225 to 250/sf. Modular costs include interior and exterior finished, flooring, tile, plumbing, lighting fixtures.
  • Soft costs vary by project but are usually $25,000+. Soft costs include feasibility study, site survey, geotechnical soils analysis, design, engineering, permit coordination, utility connection feeds, permitting, and impact fees. 
  • Site costs are typically 60 to 120 of the modular costs. Site costs include site prep work, including excavation, utilities, foundation, shipping, installation, and additional on-site work.
  • For projects in west coast cities, Method Homes finds that “all-in” costs (pre-construction and permit costs + modular costs + site and delivery costs, including land development and sales tax) typically end up in the $350-$500 per square foot range.

Customization Options

Full exterior and interior customization options are available, including custom floor plans.

Will they assist in the installation process?

Their onsite construction division — Method Contracting will deliver and set the modules onto the foundation. They provide construction management services and will work with you to find a reputable contractor and coordinate with them throughout the building process.

Method Contracting can act as the site general contractor for the site portion of projects in certain states. Method Contracting can oversee and coordinate construction from beginning to completion nationwide a construction manager working with local contractors.

What codes do they comply with?

Besides meeting building codes for our factory jurisdiction, Method homes are built to meet the local building codes of your site. Method Homes’ architects are used on every project to ensure all zoning requirements are met, create a foundation plan, and prepare a set of construction documents for permit submittal to the local jurisdiction. Each home needs a foundation plan and site plan to be designed and engineered for local codes and conditions. A permit package for the local building department is also required. Method offers customization of the floor plans and exterior, so the home properly relates to the site and owner’s needs and preferences, maximizing views and other conditions.

Where do I go to deal with the paperwork and permits needed?

Method Homes will manage permitting for your home.

Where do they ship to?

Method Homes Currently services the Western US and Canada including; WA, OR, CA, AK, ID, MT, BC, AB, WY, NV, CO, UT, HI. They are open to exploring areas outside of these states however, the shipping costs become significant. Method’s manufacturing facility is located in Ferndale, Washington.

Do they offer a warranty?

Method Homes offers a one-year workmanship and labor warranty on all projects in the US. We can provide two, five, or ten-year warranties in Canada through the site general contractor as required by HSA.

Process length

Once permits are received and construction starts, our homes typically take 2 to 4 months to complete.


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Not included

site survey, permit coordination, permitting, site work, shipping, installation


Panelized Prefab
The parts will be delivered. This method saves on delivery costs since the home is flat packed on a truck.
Parts only
The parts will be delivered. This method saves on delivery costs since the home is flat packed on a truck.
Pre-built (modular)
The parts will be delivered. This method saves on delivery costs since the home is flat packed on a truck.


Installation (site-built)
This manufacturer will
Curbside (pre-built)
The unit will be delivered curbside fully pre-built. Customer is responsible for craning unit into place.
This manufacturer takes care of everything: from site prep to installation.


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Seattle, Washington

Ships To

Western US and Canada

Units Built






PRefab Type




*$200-$340 Per Square Foot

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