Vor 640
The Mekamodular Vor 640 is a modular home that offers 640 sq. ft., spread across a kitchen, a bedroom, a bathroom, a living area, a terrace, and a storage area.
1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom, Kitchen
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A stately combination of form and function.

One of the more involved floorplans to be found in the modular home industry is that which constitutes the layout of the Vor 640, whose eponymous square footage of 640 lends itself to an impressive value cost of $190 / sq. ft. With terraces flanking either end of the rectangular residence, the entrance opens on to a combined living and kitchen space, while a corridor can be followed directly to the back of the home, where the bedroom is to be found, passing by the bathroom on the way, as well as three separate spaces dedicated to storage, one of which is in the bathroom itself.

The exterior design scheme focuses on combining the classically American slate wall look with understated windows, each of which allows a glimpse into the heart of the property, which has itself been decorated in accordance with all of the latest trends, including a striking black tile and darkened wood flooring conception, straightforward, no-fuss countertops and the latest in appliances and bathroom installations both.

The Nor 640 is environmentally friendly, the company continuously innovate with regards to construction and assembly techniques to stay at the cutting-edge.

1 Bedroom
1 Bathroom
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Ships from California.

Ships to USA and Canada.

The Vor 640 is shipped fully assembled and set in place on your property by a crane.

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The Vor 640 comes with two possible floor plans to choose from: either one bedroom or two bedrooms are included as an accompaniment to the single bathroom, all of which is housed on a footprint of 16 by 40 feet and with an ample height of 9’6”.
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