The Hive Haus is a modular home that was inspired by nature, and consists of multiple hexagonal modules that can be connected over a total area of 279 sq. ft.
1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom, Kitchen
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The hexagonal, multi-functional residence.

Every hexagonal module, which constitutes one space, can be joined to any other module at any of the six available sides in order to create a ‘hive,’ which is a cluster of connected modules that can be modified to fit a whole range of different purposes.

Each module can also be broken down into smaller modules (in either triangular or diamond shapes), so that with only these three shapes, the buyer is presented with endless design configurations in order to suit their precise needs.

By making use of industry standard sized board materials, the volume of waste created throughout the manufacturing process of a HiveHaus is kept to a carefully-designed minimum, making the entire home environmentally friendly.

By flat-packing the finished materials, a standard lorry can carry three and a half modules in one load to the site, where—once constructed—each one will touch the ground with seven adjustable feet, which allows the residence to be erected on flat, gently sloping, or completely uneven terrain. This also removes the necessity for a concrete slab or pre-levelling, which is one of the most expensive steps in the process of creating any modular home.

1 Bedroom
1 Bathroom
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Ships from England.

Ships to Europe / Worldwide.

Hive Haus is shipped as a kit of parts and can be transported through conventional transportation worldwide.

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At $224 / sq. ft., the HiveHaus is a type of modular home which is prefabricated off site (to exacting standards) in order to ensure that the time required to construct the residence onsite is kept as low as possible, while making use of a unique, cluster-focused design.
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