Close 23% more customers with a 3D configurator

Bring Designs to Life with a 3D Configurator. Visualize, Customize, and Get Instant Pricing – All in Real-Time.

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Site Planner

Fast, Easy Site Planning

Enhance homeowner experience by visualizing zoning and design


Visualize Codes and Designs Seamlessly

An intuitive solution that offers real-time 3D customization, dynamic pricing, and instant, accurate quoting, streamlining your complex consumer sales process.

1 - Input Address

Customers start by entering their address, initiating a customized and accurate homebuilding journey.

2 - Personalized Zoning Map Visualization

A detailed map shows the property's zoning codes, making planning more relevant and insightful.

3 - Visualize Buildable Area

Customers view the potential buildable area, considering zoning laws like setbacks and size limits.

4 - Visualize Design Catalog

Customers explore your home design catalog, matching styles to their property’s characteristics.

5 - Evaluate Lot Conditions, Together

You and your clients assess lot conditions together, ensuring the design complements the land.

6 - Save and Share Design Choices

Customers can save and share design choices, fostering a collaborative and inclusive decision-making process.

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Seeing is Believing

Turn lookers into buyers

An intuitive solution that offers real-time 3D customization, dynamic pricing, and instant, accurate quoting, streamlining your complex consumer sales process.

Give customers a reason to buy

Let customers see why your product is great, and move them from "it's cool" to "I need this".

Stand out

Let customers buy into your product above the others. Close 34% more customers when they visualize your home.

Quick and hassle free set up

Our tool makes it easy to get your models fully configured in a matter of days. We'll handle the setup so you can focus on growing your business.

How it Works

Four Simple Steps to Move Customers From Dream to Commitment

Finalize and move towards a purchase

Once completed, they will get a PDF report with their selections.

Then they configure in 3D

Adjust dimensions, choose materials, and more.

Pricing updates with their selections

As you design, watch the price adjust in real-time.

Customers Choose a Base Design

Start from our library of templates or upload your own.


Hear It from the Builders Who've Elevated Their Business

Since integrating Site Planner, we've seen a 30% uptick in client satisfaction. Its user-friendly interface and visual tools not only impress our clients but also streamline our operations. A win-win!

Incorporating the Site Planner App into our workflow was a game-changer. Our clients are more engaged and confident in their decisions, leading to faster project approvals and heightened satisfaction.

A 20% increase in sales this quarter, and it's largely thanks to Site Planner. It turns complex zoning jargon into visual stories that our clients love. It's our secret weapon in the competitive homebuilding market.

Thanks to Site Planner, we've seen a significant decrease in project revision requests. Our clients understand what's possible from the start, making the entire process more efficient and enjoyable.


Check out some common questions about our process

Does this tool actually increase conversions?

Yes. Clients using our 3D configurator report a 25% increase in conversion rates. Potential buyers are more likely to engage with a property when visualizing it in 3D. It transforms the viewing from just seeing to truly experiencing.


Users spend 40% more time on listings with 3D visualizations. The depth and realism of 3D engage users more, translating into genuine interest.

What ROI can I expect?

Consider this: if one customer buys a home, it can result in an extra $50,000 to $150,000 per quarter (depending on the model and customization). Just 1 conversions can recoup your investment for a decade.

Will I need additional investments to use this?

Our 3D Configurator is designed to seamlessly integrate with CMS. Our dedicated support team will setup the integration process, allowing you to focus on your business.

How much time does setup take?

We do it all. We spend a few meetings (or emails) discussing the strategy and configurations, and we do the rest.

Does this require regular maintenance?

It demands minimal upkeep. The system is built for consistent performance with little oversight.

Why should I transition if my current system works?

Our 3D configurator attracts a modern audience, resulting in more engagement and sales. The digital age demands more immersive experiences, and our tool caters directly to this demand.

Any other benefits besides conversions?

It strengthens brand perception and provides data insights. Clients have reported a 15% improvement in their brand’s market positioning. In a tech-driven world, offering advanced solutions enhances your market reputation.

Is the software mobile-friendly? Can our clients use it on their smartphones and tablets?

Absolutely! The 3D Configurator is optimized for both desktop and mobile devices. Your clients can visualize and customize their designs on-the-go, from any device.

What kind of support and updates can we expect after purchase?

We offer 24/7 customer support to ensure any issues are addressed promptly. Additionally, as part of our commitment to excellence, regular software updates are rolled out to enhance functionality and adapt to industry changes.


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or $261/mo if paying yearly
Up to 1 model (test drive)
3D Home Configurator with material and object variants
Price and quote estimates
Dwellito Branded App
or $539/mo if paying yearly
Up to 4 models
3D Home Configurator with material and object variants
Price and quote estimates
Integration with CRM
Branded with Your Logo
or $809/mo if paying yearly
Up to 10 models
3D Home Configurator with material and object variants
Price and quote estimates
Integration with CRM
Branded with Your Logo & Colors
Add ons
Site Analysis Report: $250 / report
AI powered FAQ for products: $99/month
Embedded financing module: $10/month
Automated Summary Email: Free with Premium
Payment processing for checkout
Integration with CRM: Free with Premium
Site Planner: $599+ / month
Augmented Reality Viewer: $99 / month

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