Cocoon Lite
The Cocoon Lite is an accessible dwelling unit that manages to fit a bathroom, kitchenette, and bedroom studio living area into a floorplan of 160 sq. ft.
Studio, 1 Bathroom, Kitchenette
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Straightforward and versatile without compromising on style.

The no-nonsense floorplan (for $469 / sq. ft.) prioritizes a clean, uncluttered living space, by only including three main spaces: the bathroom, the kitchenette, and the studio, which can function both as a bedroom and as a living room.

For $469 / sq. ft., owners can take advantage of an ergonomic interior design scheme (highlighting clean, crisp lines in keeping with the current school of modern architecture), a fully-stocked set of pantries and cupboards, a tiled bathroom with shower included, and a kitchenette with no more appliances than are absolutely necessary.

These design choices have been carefully chosen in order to facilitate leaving the majority of the space in the adapted shipping container to the bedroom / living space, which feels a lot bigger than it actually is on account of the intuitive way the company has made the most of the 20 by 8 by 9.5 foot (length by width by height) rectangular box.

As a final touch, and as a way to encourage sustainable living, every Cocoon Lite 20 model can potentially become self-sufficient on account of the functionality provided for items like solar panels and roof gardens.

Based in NY.

1 Bathroom
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Ships from New York.

Ships to North America / Worldwide.

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160 sq. ft. of designer space is laid out in order to enable a range of living applications with the Cocoon Lite 20, which is the cheapest of the three Cocoon modular homes on the market, and is equipped to accommodate the latest in sustainable living technology.
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