Novato 1200
The Mekamodular Novato 1200 is a tiny home that features 3 bedrooms, a kitchen, a dining room, a living room, 2 bathrooms, and a deck, over 1200 total sq. ft.
3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Kitchen
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The compact, climate-friendly mothership of modular homes.

The floor plan allows for entrance from the included, generous deck straight into the main living space of the home, which features a living room, dining room, and kitchen sharing a spacious expanse of open flooring. Bedrooms open off from this main area at three different points, as well as the main bathroom (the master bedroom is ensuite).

By cleverly mixing an open plan main living space with the individuality afford by the compartmentalization of the three bedrooms and two bathrooms, the Novato 1200 achieves the difficult task of creating a space that is both communal and private, which are attributes that are more easily delivered with traditional homes. Unlike traditional homes, however, this product is completely environmentally friendly, and is constructed using only the finest materials, in order to guarantee its enduring quality.

As well as being great to look at, the Novato 1200 (like all of Meka Modular’s products) is able to withstand earthsquakes, floods, heavy loads—such as excessive amounts of snowfall—and high winds. In addition, each product and can be individually altered so that it meets the local building code, which is done in order to ensure that it can be installed on a permanent basis.

2 Bathrooms
3 Bedrooms
Extreme Weather
Large Kitchen

Ships from California.

Ships to USA and Canada.

Base price $185,000 USD
Foundation $25,000
Roof $25,000
Assembly $25,000
TOTAL $260,000

Kit of Parts

This home is shipped in parts as a flat unit, and assembled on site. Flat Packed allows for conventional transportation.

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Our Take
For an uber-competitive value cost of $154 / sq. ft., buyers can purchase a three bedroom, two bathroom home on a total plot of 32 feet by 37 feet and 6 inches, which feels so roomy inside that it’s hard to believe it’s a modular home at all.
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We offer a smart alternative to a traditional loan or line of credit by letting you convert existing equity in your home to cash. Unlike a loan, there are no monthly payments, fees, or interest charges. We’re able to do this by extending a cash payment to you today (for up to 17.5% of its current market value) in exchange for an option to purchase a percent of equity in your home in the future. You make no payments to us until you sell your home, or 30 years pass.

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