Cocoon Cabin
The Cocoon Cabin is the largest of the Cocoon modular homes, and manages to fit a bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchenette, and a living area into 480 sq. ft.
1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom, Kitchenette
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A classic pool-side cabin, packed with brand-new technology.

At $469 / sq. ft., which is significantly above average for the modular home market, buyers are expected to pay a little bit more in order to make use of the many technological features of the Cocoon Cabin, as well as the massive amounts of space. Every piece of furniture, all the storage pieces, and all of the appliances open up and fold away into the walls, floors, and even the ceilings, so that when they’re not needed they don’t take up extra room, further increasing the size of the space available for living.

A variety of finishes can be chosen by the buyer for the flooring, the plumbing fixtures, the exterior siding, and the countertops, while sustainable features like solar panels and roof gardens are provided for as well, in keeping with Cocoon’s promise of delivering sustainable, environmentally-friendly living for the 21st Century.

The bedroom is finished in the classical style with bamboo, warm wood, matte lacquer and bronze, and the bed itself can transform into a desk for more versatility. The living / entertainment zone is located at the opposite end of the residence, while the bathroom and kitchenette occupy center stage to offer as much convenience as possible to the residents.

Based in NY.

1 Bathroom
1 Bedroom
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Ships from New York.

Ships to North America / Worldwide.

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As a versatile, one-bedroom home with 480 total sq. ft. of multi-purpose living space, the Cocoon Cabin is the most private of the three cocoon siblings, on account of the fact that it offers a separate bedroom space, without compromising on the company’s design ethos.
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