The Kountry Containers Loft model offers 1 bathroom in a studio layout, with a total available area of 160 sq. ft., as well as fully insulated windows.
1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom, Kitchen
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The back-to-basics modular home.

The Antebellum series of the Loft product provides exterior walls that area 100% finished with red cedar wood, insulated tinted windows, a deck, wooden and aluminium accents on the exterior walls, and exterior LED lighting. As well as being comforting and warm to look at, the array of high-tech add-on features plants this home firmly in the 21st Century, contrasting pleasantly with the traditional cosiness of the design scheme.

For $263 / sq. ft., buyers are paying a little extra for an interior that utilises the space available to the fullest extent. An 8 by 16 foot living and kitchen area includes plenty of room for storage and lounging, while the 8 by 4 foot bathroom is exceptionally roomy for a modular home.

Inside, the trend towards blending technology with comfort continues, as there are included in the plans a full air conditioning system (with a remote control), LED lighting throughout , whose colors accent controls can be controlled by a remote as well, and an electric tankless water heater, which helps the product be even more environmentally-friendly without sacrificing style or substance.

1 Bedroom
1 Bathroom
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Ships from Texas.

Ships to North America / Worldwide

The Loft is transported fully assembled as a shipping container.

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Boasting a bathroom and a studio / living area of 160 square feet, the Country Containers Loft product makes use of an entire wall of glass (which can be opened like a French door) to ensure that the well-designed interior area is well-lit by natural light at all times of the day.
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