Cabin One
The Cabin One modular home incluudes a bedroom area, a kitchen, built-in appliances, and intelligent storage solutions, on a total footprint of 369 sq. ft.
1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom, Kitchen
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The new-age rocket ship of modular homes.

The process for purchasing a Cabin One is remarkably straightforward. Once the contract has been drawn up, there are only three steps which need to be completed: approval and planning, production, and finally transport and installation.

The high quality wooden shell that forms the basis of the Cabin One allows more freedom for individual furnishing ideas, while all floorplans account for a cozy bed placed right underneath a skylight, allowing uninterrupted views of the night sky. The daylight bath is the centerpiece of the whole project, and consists of a roomy bathroom that is flooded with natural light at all times, which sets this modular home apart from the rest of the market.

A built-in spruce kitchen adds functional storage space, ensuring that the countertops won’t become cluttered with utensils and other cooking paraphernalia, while all fittings are completely integrated into the design. A handcrafted shelf system can be added to the entrance area, which could complement the unique design pieces on offer from Cabin Spacey’s interior design partners.

Finally, there’s functionality provided for integrating smart controls into the home, according to the buyer’s individual preferences, so that all of the more technological features of Cabin One can be controlled with a single touch.

1 Bedroom
1 Bathroom
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Ships from Berlin.

Ships to Europe / Worldwide.

Cabin One is shipped as a kit of parts (flat packed) and can be easily transported worldwide.

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Boldly asymmetrical and featuring black wooden exteriors and a strikingly-sloping roof, the Cabin One product from Cabin Spacey will run owners a value cost of $307 / sq. ft.—the buyer is paying a little extra for panoramic windows, a fully integrated daylight bathroom, and intelligent storage solutions.
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