Casa Invisible
The Casa Invisible is a modular home made of local, sustainable wood that includes a furnished bathroom, a chimney, and a versatile living space on 538 sq. ft.
1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom, Kitchen
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The invisible home with eye-catching versatility.

For $205 / sq. ft., buyers can be assured they’re not paying the highest amount on the market, and will be able to customize almost everything about the final product, starting with the most basic layout (of which there are three possible choices).

Next, the buyer will choose the tonal range of the fir wood interiors, followed by the furniture, exterior elements (like a deck or terrace), and finally the location (the Casa Invisible can be built on sloping or uneven ground).

The exterior of the case invisible is covered with mirrors, which work to reflect the outside environment and cement the property as a feature of the surrounding habitat, not an unnatural addition. There’s no other modular home on the market that offers quite so striking an exterior—indeed, it’s because of these mirrors that the ‘Invisible House’ gets its name in the first place.

A bedroom, a bathroom, and a kitchen are included inside on the 538 total square footage, and the quality of all interior elements is one half of the company’s total philosophy, so the prospective buyer can rest assured in the knowledge that they haven’t skimped on the design and construction process of the Casa Invisible’s inside spaces, either.

1 Bedroom
1 Bathroom

Ships from Austria.

Ships to Europe / Worldwide.

Casa Invisible comes preassembled and fits into a shipping container.


Preassembled homes are shipped fully assembled and craned in place on your property. These fully assembled units are transported on flat bed trucks

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Our Take
Embodying a product that tackles the current explosive housing situation with innovation, mobility, and low costs, the complication-free implementation of the home at any location is one of the main things that stands out with regards to the typically bureaucratic process of constructing a traditional house.
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