Able Nook
The AbleNook is a flat-packed modular home kit that can be assembled on site in 2 hours, made from aluminium structural framing and structural insulated panels.
(Pre-order) 1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom, Kitchen
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Chief among the list of features is the fact that assembly of the AbleNook takes place in under two hours, at the end of which the home-owner will find themselves in possession of a fully insulated residence, constructed mainly from aircraft-grade aluminium structural framing, that can even be constructed over uneven ground, owing to the company’s innovative use of adjustable leg jacks.

The floor plan is straightforward and highly customizable. While it includes all of the classic features such as a bedroom, a bathroom, storage facilities and a kitchen area, the exact configuration of these amenities is left up to the discretion of the buyer and their architect, and there exist an entire range of possible ways to organize the layout, according to the personal taste of the person pulling the strings.

AbleNook comes with a 10 year warranty, but all of the parts used in its construction are easily replaceable, so there’s no reason to think that the company’s own estimation of 30 years is anything but conservative. In theory, the AbleNook could last forever; a proposition which is strengthened by the fact that every AbleNook is insulated to withstand most environments, and can resist wind gusts of up to 180 mph.

1 Bedroom
1 Bathroom
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Ships from Florida.

Ships to North America / Worldwide.

The Able Nook is transported as a kit of parts and requires on-site assembly. It is shipped flat packed under conventional shipping methods.

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AbleNook, a modular home on offer from the eponymous company, comes at a value cost of $188 / sq. ft., for which buyers can take advantage of one of the most futuristic design schemes available on the modular house market today, which comes with.a wealth of exciting innovations.
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