Grand-Ma 550
The Ma Modular Grand-Ma 550 home includes 1 bedroom and 1 fully furnished bathroom over a total area of 550 sq. ft., as well as wooden flooring interiors.
1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom, Kitchen
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A classical Americana exterior meets a palatial, well-designed interior.

The value cost of this dwelling is $245 / sq. ft., which is reflective of the total square footage of 550, a figure that is decidedly larger than normal for the modular home market. A 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom floor plan makes optimal use of the 38 feet which make up the length of the property, more than half of which is taken up by the open-plan living, dining, and kitchen area.

Quite apart from the roominess of the interior, the design scheme focuses on well-finished wooden floors, gleaming white & black tile, and splashes of color in the most unexpected places, such as the front door and the luxurious porch, with steps, which frames the outside of the dwelling.

Each scheme created by the company is based on the buyer’s own personal site and desires for their home, which effectively means that no Grand-Ma 550 is exactly like any other—everybody who buys one has the potential to put their own personal stamp on the product’s construction procedure, which is a feature not often found with modular homes and serves to set Ma Modular apart from the competition.

Based in Austin, Texas.

1 Bathroom
1 Bedroom
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Ships from Austin, Texas.

Ships to Texas and North America.

Product is shipped preassembled as a full unit. Shipping costs outside of Austin are higher.

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The Grand-Ma 550, on offer from Ma Modular, brings the concept of tiny homes back to its roots in an exciting, innovative new way, by creating a residence which looks traditional at first glance, but when it comes to construction and design is anything but.
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