Kithaus K4
The Kithaus K4 is a small modular home that includes a bath and kitchennete all within an area of 169 sq. ft.
Studio, 1 Bathroom, Kitchen
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The steel framed box that goes anywhere.

The Kithaus K4 series offers one of the most extensive ranges of pre-designed module plans that are to be found anywhere in the industry.

Of particular note are the versions which come with a small bath, kitchen, and a shower, both of which lend the home the versatility to be placed near a beach, river, or lake, where it can function as a poolside clubhouse just as well as a beachfront vacation home.

Costing $263 / sq. ft., the K4 series boast a wide range of design features, such as structural anodized aluminium framing with a proprietary locking system (available in silver or bronze); corrugated galvalume or smooth, natural cement board exterior with corrugated roofing; Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) for the floors, grooves, and ceiling; dual-glazed low-e frames including screens and locks; and either white shiplap horizontal sizing or finished / unfinished birch plywood for the interior.

The bathroom, floor, ceiling, and electrical features all come with options the owner can choose from, making it possible to customize the K4 to your precise needs, no matter how specific they may be.

1 Bathroom

Shipped from California.

Shipped to USA.

The Kithaus is shipped as a kit of parts and assembled on site.

Kit of Parts

This home is shipped in parts as a flat unit, and assembled on site. Flat Packed allows for conventional transportation.

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Our Take
Possessing the ability to function equally well as a backyard studio, home office, pool house, play room, artist’s workshop—or just about anything else you can think of—the k3 series on offer from Kit Haus is offered in 11 different standard schemes.
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