Module Nook
The Nook from Module Housing provides 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom over a total usable area of 640 sq. ft.
1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom, Kitchen
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The minimalist’s modular home.

The Nook offers a value cost of $233 / sq. ft. Across a total footprint of 640 sq. ft. of space, meaning that even though its floorplan was designed to make as much use as possible of the size of the space on offer, it’s compact enough to be easily squeezed in between two existing houses or on a narrow avenue. Featuring one bedroom and one bathroom, the modular home was originally intended to suit couples or other young urban dwellers who need the possibility of expanding in the future, which is made easy by the fact that adding other storeys onto the starting unit is explicitly allowed for in the design scheme.

However, the Nook offers a lot more than just urban flexibility, as anybody who takes even a cursory look at the interior of this tiny home will be able to attest to. Making use of innovative tweaks in the floorplan—such as the kitchenette which is tucked into a corner, or the fact that the bedroom is half-separated form the living area by a three-quarter length wall—the company also allow site specific design changes in order to promise that every customer who comes on board with them will be able to add their own personality to the project.

1 Bedroom
1 Bathroom
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Our Take
Designed to include a bare minimum of excessive, unnecessary features, the Nook, which comes to us from industry heavyweights Module Housing, can fit into a lot of any size, no matter how narrow, offering the residents hitherto unheard of versatility with regards to location.
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