Started in 2015 from Rialto, CA

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About LivingHome

Brief Description

Living Homes is a designer of prefab homes based in Santa Monica, California that started as a standalone firm and now is part of the prefab manufacturer Plant Prefab.

Number of Models Available

Living Homes has 11 models designed by world-renowned architects such as Koto and Kiernan Timberlake. The models range from a single-bedroom ADU to a full home with 5 bedrooms.  The homes range in size from 480 to 3135 square feet, with a base price range between $180,000 and $1,010,000.

What’s included in the price

The base price only includes the modular home. There are considerable additional costs that usually add up to more than the cost of the modular home itself. Living homes give an estimate for additional costs on their website. For example, they estimate that the total all-in cost for their Model Series 6 is:

  • Base Price: $260,000
  • Site Work: $180,000
  • Transport and Install: $40,000
  • Design, Engineering, and Permitting: $89,000
  • Total: $569,000

Detailed cost estimates are available on Plant Prefab’s website

Design Characteristics

Different architects designed their models, but they are characterized by their sleek modern style, with tall windows, sliding glass doors, and lots of natural lighting.

Customization Options

Plant Prefab offers full exterior and interior customization options. 

Will they assist in the installation process?

Plant Prefab manages the construction of your home in their factory, and you’ll hire a local general contractor for site work. If Plant is your architect, they will assist in bidding your project to three local general contractors to ensure that you receive an equitable deal from a reputable resource. (If you are working with your own architect, they will typically support you with this process. But they can still help make recommendations or referrals if needed.) In all cases, their factory will coordinate closely with your general contractor throughout your project.

What codes do they comply with?

Plant Prefab designs and builds all its projects to local requirements, such as HOA and local zoning ordinance to comply with local building codes.

Where do I go to deal with the paperwork and permits needed?

Plant Prefab will manage engineering and permitting for your home, which are governed by state authorities. Your general contractor will manage engineering and permitting for your foundation and site work, which is governed by local authorities.

Where do they ship to?

Plant Prefab can ship almost anywhere, but the further you are from their factory in Rialto, CA, the more you’ll spend on transportation fees. They found that Plant is only cost-competitive outside of California for high-end projects shipping to areas with very expensive local labor.

Process length

Homes are built in a factory simultaneously with site work, with both requiring about 8-16 weeks. A general contractor then selects a transportation company and schedules delivery of the home modules. Homes ship over 90% complete, with drywall, paint, millwork, tile work, and appliances already included. Once on site, a crane lifts the modules and lowers them onto the prepared foundation, where they are bolted down. Once the home is assembled, a general contractor will connect the water, sewer, electric, and appliances, and apply the finishing touches in about 6-12 weeks. 


Living Homes' warranty is similar to what is offered on typical site-built structures. 


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Materials and Parts

Not included

Excludes Site Evaluation, Permits, Delivery, Install, Site Work


Panelized Prefab
The parts will be delivered. This method saves on delivery costs since the home is flat packed on a truck.
Parts only
The parts will be delivered. This method saves on delivery costs since the home is flat packed on a truck.
Pre-built (modular)
The parts will be delivered. This method saves on delivery costs since the home is flat packed on a truck.


Installation (site-built)
This manufacturer will
Curbside (pre-built)
The unit will be delivered curbside fully pre-built. Customer is responsible for craning unit into place.
This manufacturer takes care of everything: from site prep to installation.

Rialto, CA

Ships To

United States

Units Built






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*$200-$340 Per Square Foot

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