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We help Homebuilders provide best-in-class financing and get exposure to thousands of new customers.
Use our Sales Platform or use our tools in your existing sales funnel.

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Sales Configurator
Embedded Financing
Automated Zoning
Dwellito Sales Machine

Sales Configurator

3D Configurator + Augmented Reality allows you to increase sales without the time consuming hand-holding during top-of-funnel.

✅ Increase conversions + order value
✅ Easy & affordable to setup
✅ Better customer experience

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Customer Financing

Offer point-of-sale financing. Homeowners are unaware of financing options, causing 40%+ fallout. Offer specialty ADU financing that qualifies more homeowners.

When financing is incorporated at checkout, homeowners feel empowered and excited, and convert more often and more quickly. We created a powerful and seamless financing tool, and it's completely free.

✅ Convert 80% more by offering financing
✅ Easy setup with one line of code
✅ Completely free

Our platform aggregates best-in-class loan products and integrates them into a seamless customer experience. Our Contractor Certification process vets ADU Homebuilders based on their past projects, license status, company status and financial strength. We do the legwork so you don’t have to.

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A graphical interface that contains several loan products and buttons to choose from

Automated Site Analysis

Give homeowners answers about their property feasibility. Our Automated Zoning Report tool that calculates the buildable area uses 3D visualization to help them map out their ADU plan.

✅ 1.8 million parcels in LA County
✅ Geometric shape for the ADU building area based on setbacks and other site conditions
✅ Flood, Earthquake, slope and other data to determine ADU feasibility

We built this tool because customers number one question is always "can I build an ADU" followed by "what can I build". Our Zoning tool lets them answer those questions in a matter of seconds.

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Lead and Sales Machine (let us handle sales)

We'll list you on our marketplace and get you in front of thousands of homebuyers per week. We'll handle it all.

✅ Listing on Dwellito
✅ Customer Service from inquiry to purchase
✅ Zoning, Feasibility, Design, & Permitting

Our entire website is designed to be transparent and data driven, so buyers have greater confidence as they shop. We have a reputation of trust and we take that seriously.

We leverage SEO to bring traffic with “buyer intent”. We target Google keywords to attract customers looking to purchase. These are organic leads.

Get High Intent Leads

Apply to get your prefab listed on Dwellito.com and get exposure and high intent leads every week.

Offer ADU Financing

Offer fast & easy financing to your customers at point-of-sale.
A graphical interface that contains several loan products and buttons to choose from

Sales Configurator

Let your customers visualize your product. More conversions. Higher average order value.

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Dwellito creates modern homebuying technology to make homeowners experience 100 times easier

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Getting Started with Dwellito Checkout

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Step 1
Integrate into our inquiry tool

We'll set up a quick call to discuss your loan product. Once we pass the initial get-to-know each other part, we'll integrate your origination logic to integrate into our web app. This is necessary to give customers a ball-park idea of how much they could qualify for and at what rate.

Step 2
Trail run first

The trial phase has no costs or commitments. It's a two-way trial where you can see how the platform works and we can see how well our audience responds.

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Step 3
Watch as leads come in

Once we are live, we'll start sending you leads as customers fill out a inquiry form. Each lead will have basic information that the homeowner inputted: home value estimate, credit score estimate, desired loan amount, debt, and contact information.