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A platform to bring exposure and leads to your product. Targeting top-trending buyers that are serious about purchasing.


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+ $35 per qualified lead
Up to 3 models
Standard listing on Dwellito Marketplace
+ $25 per qualified lead
Up to 6 models
Company Page to stand out from basic listings
Optional support for any listing-related queries
+ $15 per qualified lead
Up to 12 models
3D Home Configurator with material and object variants
Company Page to stand out from basic listings
Optional support for any listing-related queries
Add ons
3D configurator
Zoning Check
Cost Calculator
AI powered FAQ for page listings
Payment processing for checkout

Seeing is Believing


An intuitive solution that offers real-time 3D customization, dynamic pricing, and instant, accurate quoting, streamlining your complex consumer sales process.

🏠 Comprehensive Customization

Modify both interior and exterior details.

💲 Instant Quotation

Immediate pricing with each selection (optional).

📐 Design Placement

View and adjust designs in both 2D and 3D formats.

🔄 Smart Design Positioning

Automatically align and place your design.

⚙️ Hassle-free Integration

Seamlessly incorporate with your existing data.

📱 Augmented Reality Preview

Use your phone to envision the unit in the real world.

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Seeing is Believing

Turn lookers into buyers

An intuitive solution that offers real-time 3D customization, dynamic pricing, and instant, accurate quoting, streamlining your complex consumer sales process.

Give customers a reason to buy

Let customers see why your product is great, and move them from "it's cool" to "I need this".

Stand out

Let customers buy into your product above the others. Close 34% more customers when they visualize your home.

Quick and hassle free set up

Our tool makes it easy to get your models fully configured in a matter of days. We'll handle the setup so you can focus on growing your business.

How it Works

Four Simple Steps to Move Customers From Dream to Commitment

Finalize and move towards a purchase

Once completed, they will get a PDF report with their selections.

Then they configure in 3D

Adjust dimensions, choose materials, and more.

Pricing updates with their selections

As you design, watch the price adjust in real-time.

Customers Choose a Base Design

Start from our library of templates or upload your own.


Hear It from the Builders Who've Elevated Their Business

Switching to the 3D Configurator was a game-changer for us. Our clients enjoy the design planning, and we've seen a 23% increase in sales in the first few months. It's intuitive, engaging, and absolutely essential for us now.

The feedback from our clients has been overwhelmingly positive. They love visualizing their designs instantly and the transparent pricing feature. Highly recommend.

We used to struggle with lengthy design meetings and constant revisions. Now, our clients can see and adjust their designs in real-time, which has not only reduced our design phase but also led to a notable increase in sales.

This tool is essential because it takes customers from being curious about our product line to interested. It really creates desire within our customers and is able to communicate our product it ways we can't do on a sales call.


Check out some common questions about our process

Can I have multiple models listed?

Yes. We recommend starting with one model but some suppliers find it helpful to use our platform to gauge customer interest across multiple prefab models.

What ROI can I expect?

Consider this: if one customer buys a home, it can result in an extra $50,000 to $150,000 per quarter (depending on the model and customization). Just 1 conversions can recoup your investment for a decade.

How much time does setup take?

We do it all. We spend a few meetings (or emails) discussing the strategy and configurations, and we do the rest.

Does this require regular maintenance?

It demands minimal upkeep. The system is built for consistent performance with little oversight.

What is a qualified lead

We qualify leads based on:

Financing Status: Lead has financing available or secured.
Timeline: Lead has an urgent or imminent requirement, indicating a higher likelihood to close the deal soon.
Land Ownership: Lead already owns a piece of land, showing they are further along in the home-buying process.
Clear Communication: Lead provides clear and specific details about their needs and preferences.
Location Specificity: Lead has a defined location or region of interest, demonstrating clear intent.
Home Specifications: Lead has clarity on the type or size of the home they're interested in (e.g., number of bedrooms, square footage).
Engagement Level: Lead responds promptly to inquiries or follow-ups, indicating genuine interest.

What is the contract length?

We have a 6 month contract. Since there is a lot of work that goes into building the model page, we can only make it work for a minimum of 6 months.

What kind of support and updates can we expect after purchase?

We offer 24/7 customer support to ensure any issues are addressed promptly. Additionally, as part of our commitment to excellence, regular software updates are rolled out to enhance functionality and adapt to industry changes.

Elevate Your Customer Experience

See the 3D Home Configurator in Action

"the results speak for themselves. The 3D Configurator has transformed the way we interact with clients. We've reduced design errors, sped up our sales process, and our clients appreciate the transparency and control they now have."

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