Model 264
The Avava Model 264 is a flat-packed accessory dwelling unit that includes versatile add-ons and a bathroom in a flexible space spanning a total of 264 sq. ft.
Studio, 1 Bathroom, Kitchen
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The modular home which is decidedly non-traditional, from design to construction.

Featuring a total area of 264 sq. ft. With a total footprint of 12 by 22 feet, the Model 264 from Avava dwellings is a paired-back, minimalistic floorplan which has been designed to make as much use as possible of the total amount of space. To this end, they employ a largely open-plan concept, with only the bathroom and the closet being sealed off by doors from the rest of the space.

A kitchen area nestles in one corner, while the expansive living area combines with the bedroom in classic studio fashion to create a charming, straightforward residence. Options are available to the buyer at every possible step—bathrooms can be either full or half-sized (or not present at all), while the kitchen is also optional, and a deck can be included as well.

While the cost of the Avava dwellings doesn’t include furniture, the impressive $227 / sq. ft. value cost more than softens that particular blow; and at any rate, buyers are able to take advantage of the company’s unique construction process, which is the main selling point of this modular home. Beautiful to look at from the outside, the elegantly understated design of the interior is even more striking.

1 Bathroom

Ships from Bay Area.

Ships to North America.

Product is Flat packed

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This home is shipped in parts as a flat unit, and assembled on site. Flat Packed allows for conventional transportation.

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Our Take
Avava dwellings make it a point of pride to ‘hack’ the construction, design, and transportation processes as much as possible, and the Model 264, which is one of four main floorplans on offer, is a studio residence which lives up to the company’s promises.
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