Kithaus K6
The Kithaus K6 is a modular home that provides versatility for a bath, a kitchenette, and an extended floorspace, across a total footprint of up to 330 sq. ft.
Studio, 1 Bathroom, Kitchenette
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The ready-to-go, sun-soaked modular residence.

The most striking design feature by a long shot is the liberal use of luxuriously tall glass windows and doors, which serve to flood the k6 series from Kit Haus with light from every possible side.

Finishes on the exterior can be selected according to buyer preference, and include typical wooden and white-painted timber material as well as more daring, futuristic dark-brown and black choices.

The floorplans vary in total amounts of square footage on offer, as well as in configuration of the interior (there are no fewer than 17 different floorplans on offer, each of which has been designed to fulfil a particular need, so no matter what you want to do with your k6, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to do it), but the one constant between them all is the open-plan nature of the design, which has been carefully engineered in order to get the most out of the space.

The bathrooms and kitchens can be highly customized according to the individual buyer’s wants, while the bed can be thrown in just about anywhere, there’s that much space available; and no matter where it goes, the stunning amounts of glass will ensure it remains well-lit by natural sunlight.

1 Bathroom
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Shipped from California.

Ships to USA.

The Kithaus is shipped as a kit of parts and assembled on site.

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Available for a value cost of $247 / sq. ft., the k6 comes with everything included, meaning buyers won’t have to stress about acquiring appropriately-sized furniture and fixtures. A full kitchen and/or bath (including a toilet, a sink, and a shower) can also be added in.
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