Top 4 Modular Homes Under $50k

A look at the latest and greatest in modular prefab homes

December 7, 2022


When people think of modular homes, they don’t always imagine that they can cost less than $50,000 — but as it happens, there are tons of excellent options for that budget range. We’ll be getting into five of the best choices in the following article, to help you narrow down your own list.

A Word on Costs

In addition to the price of the home, there are a few other costs that you’ll need to take into consideration:

  • Permits — allow for around $3k to $8k
  • Site preparation (trenching, utilities, foundation) — $3k - $15k+
  • Custom finishes — $1k-$8k
  • Transportation — around $3 - $4 / mile, with overseas projects incurring extra costs
  • Site analysis report — $1.5k - $2k

1. Monocabin M

Monocabin M Exterior

With 290 sq. ft. to work with, the Monocabin offers an impressive amount of space for less than $50,000, but there’s a lot more to it than just the amount of room you’ll have available. Comfort features like flatscreen televisions and a customizable comfort space are allowed for, while the pared-back, minimalist architecture is guaranteed to create a splash no matter where it winds up being built.

Designed to blur the lines between interior and exterior, living in the Monocabin is a unique experience that blends comfort with class and style with smart technology.

Starting at $45,000

2. Plus Hus

Plus Hus Exterior Photograph

Slightly larger than the Monocabin at 320 sq. ft., the Plus Hus comes in several different configurations, depending on whether or not a kitchen is a dealbreaker for you. Constructed entirely from mnmMOD panels, this modular home is a highly efficient dwelling that comes delivered to your site flat-packed and ready to go.

Touches of wood work with more sweeping modernist swathes of white and black, ensuring that the Plus Hus is every bit as enjoyable to look at as it is to live in.

Starting at $49,000

3. Dubldom 43

Dubldom 43 Exterior Photograph

The largest of all the modular homes under $50k we’re featuring, the DD 43 offers a downright cavernous total footprint of 462 sq. ft. The floor plan features a bedroom, a bathroom, and a flexible living space that can be adapted according to your precise needs and wants.

The home itself offers enough utilities to work as a completely standalone dwelling, including a full set of wiring, water & sewage connections, and even furniture. As a final touch, heated floors rub shoulders with a timelessly styled stove that even comes complete with its own chimney. What’s not to love?

Starting at $48,228

4. Vos

Bunkie Vos Exterior Garden

Because the Vos is only 106 sq. ft., it doesn’t require any permit in most municipalities of the US. Designed as a one-bathroom studio with an option kitchen add-on, it arrives with a complete set of components to make on-site installation a breeze.  

One entire wall is taken up with an oversized glass window, flooding the interior with natural light, while dual airflow vents will be installed to make sure that the air you breathe inside is never anything less than crisp and clean.

Starting at $23,500


Although this list includes our top choices for modular homes under $50k, it’s not the end of the road. Feel free to check out Dwellito’s full list of tiny houses available for less than $50,000 here. It’s also worth mentioning that in the majority of US municipalities, a modular home that comprises less than 200 sq. ft. doesn’t requiem re a building permit, so it can be a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a hassle-free introduction to the concept.

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