6 Minimalist Backyard Studio Ideas for 2021 - Smart Solutions for a Home Office

Here are 6 backyard studio ideas to inspire you to work more productively at home!

December 6, 2022

When you first started working from home you probably thought it was going to be all pajamas and productivity.

But the reality? Distractions. Feeling like you can never “get into the zone.”

Worst yet? Easy access to the fridge burns time and (somehow) seems to make your pants tighter every day. What's the solution here? Having your own backyard studio where you can actually focus and get things done.

If you’re finding it difficult working in the same space that you live in, or you’re struggling with a full house, an outdoor studio is a quick, simple solution. It could be ready in a week.

Modules under 120 square ft. are typically exempt from permit laws but this varies from country to country. So best check with your local authorities.

What is a studio shed?

A backyard studio shed is a pop-up, turnkey space that you can place in your backyard and use as an office, studio, storage space, or guest house.

Convert or Buy Your Backyard Studio?

Take the DIY initiative and turn your classic garden shed into a great studio shed backyard office. If you have the extra space, it’s the best budget option.

Is it cheaper to build a shed or buy a shed? All things considered, building your studio shed will be cheaper but a lot more work and time-consuming as you’ll need to source the materials separately and have decent DIY kits.

It is estimated that building your own studio shed can be between 40 and 60 percent cheaper. If you just need a separate space to work from and not an entertainment area, meeting space, or bathroom, this is a great option that won’t break the bank.

Want more than a backyard studio shed setup? Here are our top picks.

1 - Versatile Vos from The Bunkie

Versatile Vos from The Bunkie

Modern, with a touch of luxury the Vos is a practical, easy-to-assemble choice that does not need a permit. The Vos is a minimal and practical, fully-insulated, four-season Bunkie. Your backyard studio or office could be work-ready in just a few days. Setup is possible even in remote locations and there are even off-grid lifestyle options.

The front, single-glass wall ensures natural light and connection with the outdoors. They’ll even furnish it for you. You have the option of a configurable case goods wall made with wood grain melamine panels. These options include folding tables and chairs, a fireplace, drawers, storage cabinets, and shelves. Office ready. These folding features give you a large flexible space so you can configure the space as you see fit. Need more room to work? Check! Need a yoga break? Fold the all away and hit the yoga mat!

At a Glance

84 Square feet

Best feature

A single glass wall with door holder and standard awning (with bug screen)


from USD 25K

2 - Cube it with the kitHAUS k3 Cube 8 x 8

kitHAUS k3 Cube

A little cube-shaped powerhouse. Take it as it is. Extend it. Add a bathroom. A chic combination of wood and glass for contemporary, low-key studio spaces in your backyard.

The k3 Cube has glass sliding doors on two sides and sits on steel footings that are adjustable or anchored into the ground. Minimal foundation requirements are needed in most places.

Constructed from aluminum framing, the interior wall is white shiplap horizontal siding or finished/unfinished birch plywood with aluminum dividers. The basic unit has a number of customization add-ons available at an upcharge.

At a Glance

81 square feet

Best feature

Glass doors on two sides


from 27K; Configurations at an upcharge

3 -  Drop an office into your backyard with DropStructure’s Mono Mini

DropStructure’s Mono Mini

The flagship Mono Mini has a crisp, clean style. The Mono Mini is a clever choice for modular, backyard buildings. This beautiful, functional structure will look good (and fit) in any backyard and lifestyle.

The Mini has a glass front, a black exterior, and a 4’ attached, cedar wrapped deck providing an uncluttered space for a home business. Inside is decked out in quality Baltic birch, a luxury vinyl floor (LVT), and has black trim covers on all interior fixtures.

At a Glance

137 Square feet

Best feature

The cedar wrapped deck


from 22,4K

4 - A mobile home business with a Honomobo MOBO (with leasing options)

No photo description available.
Honomobo MOBO

Honomobo’s mobile office is a simple, convenient space for garden studios or anywhere else. Its no-nonsense plug-and-play setup will have it ready within minutes of delivery. Mobo is crafted from a container and adapted as an office space with one end of glass, or two. It’s sturdy and self-contained.

Fully mobile, you could even have it on a rental property. Made to order and delivered in 6-8 weeks. Choose your color, floor pan, and add some extra insulation if you like. Other optional extras are available and they are introducing a mobile office leasing possibility in select cities in the U.S.

At a Glance

96 Square feet

Best feature

Fully mobile - take it with you if you move


from USD23,028

5 - A Turnkey auxffice from Auxbox

May be an image of tree and outdoors
Auxffice from Auxbox

Auxbox proudly builds modular prefab units. Pre-fab rooms outback make simple and effective backyard offices that can double as guest houses or granny flats. Optimized to be a painless way to add an extra room to your house or garden. Delivered ready to go.

Challenge convention with a sleek Auxbox in your outside space. Built off-site and installed in a day. Extremely energy-efficient, you can tailor the basic unit to your needs at an upcharge.

At a Glance

97 Square feet

Best feature

Comes pre-wired.


from 25K

6 - The Twelve work pod from MiniOffice

Twelve work pod from MiniOffice

Fully furnished and delivered intact, The Twelve is a movable, pre-assembled pod. Get productive in this mini office that takes just an hour to install. Not only stylish but made for extreme weather too. An AC unit and fireplace heater are included.

It has a natural aesthetic, glass sliding doors, and both the exterior and interior color can be customized. Take it with you if you move.

There is also an optional off-grid solar power package at an upcharge.

At a Glance

Best feature

fully furnished and customizable


from USD 24,900

The Smart Choice for Backyard Spaces

We know what a struggle it can be working from home while taking care of the family, helping with online schooling, and dealing with the stress of a global pandemic.

If you’re wondering how to be productive at home, A backyard studio can help by giving you a peaceful and separate space to get your work hat on and get things done, while at the same time adding value to your home.

56 percent of the American workforce have work-from-home compatible jobs. And workplace analysts predict that as much as 25-30 percent of the workforce will continue working from home post-Covid.

It’s time for the backyard studio, where you can make a living in peace. We can help you streamline the process. To find a backyard studio of your own, start with our collection of Prefab and Module Backyard Offices.

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