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Modular Home Ratings

How We Rate


The amenities of the various modular homes were judged across a consistent scale, which took into account how many domestic features each model offered, including bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens; but also things like closets, cabinets, and other storage features. Homes with more amenities received higher scores only if they included the most important features, which are the bedroom and the bathroom.

Floor Plan

The judging of the floorplan category took into account the amount of amenities available, but only insofar as they were intuitively worked in to the overall layout of the residence. The more clever the usage of space exhibited by the home in question, the higher the score; conversely, modular homes which squeezed too many features into an area that wasn’t big enough were scored lower.


The companies which build the modular homes on our list were judged according to a few different criteria. These included what kind of customer support they offered, how much they charged relative to what they provided, how easy their manufacture process was, whether or not they offered free consultations, how reliably built their homes were, and what their overall reputation in the industry was.


The value category was calculated by taking into account the total amount of floorspace available in the modular home in question, and comparing that with the overall price of the residence, in order to come up with a figure which represented how much each square foot of space cost. The higher the cost per square foot, the lower the value score, and vice versa.

Overall Score

Every home’s overall score was arrived at by considering the other four categories together, as well as some features which couldn’t be easily divided into the four prior categories—for example, how environmentally friendly the home in question was, how conducive it was to sustaining off-grid living, and how flexible it was in terms of where it could be feasibly built.

The Ratings