13 Best Home Office Spaces You Can Build this Weekend

This guide will show you how to build your ideal home office this weekend to boost your productivity!

December 6, 2022

We are a year and a half into the pandemic and only one thing is certain - the work-from-home practice is here to stay. Because of our new reality, building the ideal home office is definitely becoming a must. In fact, having a designated workspace will not only increase your productivity but will also help you stay focused and provide you with more inspiration.

So, what you are probably asking yourself now is: “How exactly do I build a home office?”, or: “How much space do I need for it and where should I set it up?”

Well, the first step is simple - you must figure out your needs and ask yourself what kind of environment you'd prefer. Deciding on the type of furniture you need and on the aesthetic that you want for your workspace will help you stay focused on the home office ideas that best suit you.

So, whether you are thinking modern and minimal or stylish and cozy - we are here to offer you a few home office design ideas that will help you get to work.  

1. Give unused space a purpose

At first, it might seem that you have no extra room for a home office, but some of the space that you’ve completely dismissed may surprise you. For example, placing a small desk and built-in shelves along a hallway or behind the stairs can transform these spaces into modern home offices. In fact, there are plenty of home office ideas that are based on cleverly using corners, nooks, or even closets.

These arrangements usually require the desk to face a wall, but don’t worry - according to interior designers Dee Frazier and Barbara Hayman you should turn that wall into a statement by setting up a mood board that will provide you with inspiration, a custom mural or use it to hang a whiteboard with a calendar. You could even use chalkboard paint and use the wall itself for memos.

2. Incorporate design ideas that fit your personal style

Your home office should be an accurate representation of who you are and a place for inspiration that you enjoy spending time in. That being said, the best way to achieve this is to find accessories that will bring your personality into your home office. Choosing a wall paint color and prints and patterns that or opting for stylish wallpapers and unique lamps can make a home office much enjoyable. In fact, incorporating these chic elements will make your workspace feel like a real designer home office.

3. It’s time for multifunctional spaces

If you lack the space for a home office area, get creative with what you’ve already got. For example, your bedroom dressing table or the kitchen bar can serve as a desk space during work hours by adding slight adjustments. You can also explore different seating options and invest in a new comfortable chair or come up with creative storage ideas and put up drawers or cabinets next to your new workspace. This way you can put away your work-related things when you are done using the home office.

4. Allow yourself a view to get a more spacious feel

Although it minimizes distractions, some people feel claustrophobic when their desk is facing the wall. This is why many home office ideas propose that it faces the inside of the room instead. In fact, not being able to see the entrance of the room while working is a big no-no, according to Feng Shui as well. In any case, it will definitely make your home office feel more spacious and help you get inspired and maintain a better mood while working.

5. Get creative with space dividers

Open floor plans have their perks, but with home office design, they often mean one thing - distractions. If this is the case, the best way to ensure privacy is to divide your workspace from the rest of the family room. You can achieve this by using various creative architecture and interior design solutions such as room dividers, curtains, or bookcases. You can even use a lined-up collection of potted plants, as famous designer Kelly Wearstler advises while discussing home office ideas.

6. Consider standing as an option

Standing desks are becoming more and more popular among office workers and there’s a good reason. Studies have shown that switching positions during work hours not only benefits the body but has positive effects on productivity and performance as well. With this in mind, you should definitely give yourself the option to stand in your new home office. In fact, there are plenty of creative interior design solutions and home office ideas that incorporate standing. So, whether you opt for a classic standing desk or you want to get creative- is up to you.

7. Use storage to minimize clutter

Many studies suggest cluttered spaces can have a negative impact on our stress levels and our ability to focus, which definitely affects productivity. So, for a stress-free and clutter-free home office, create as much storage space as you can. This means shelves and drawers within and around the desk, as well as going vertical if you have enough wall space. In fact, many home office ideas propose wall-mounted furniture as a great way to make use of vertical space and minimize clutter. Remember that good organization is key for your home office to stay intact.

8. Give your office space a natural feel

Bringing natural elements into our living and working areas often gives these spaces a calm and relaxing feel. In fact, it is one of the most common pieces of advice you'll run into while browsing through home office ideas. Exposure to natural light can be a great asset for your home office too since it can positively impact your overall mood and boost your productivity. If the view from your home office is not that great, you can bring nature’s energy inside by using a warm earthy color palette and placing potted plants around your work area.

9. Don’t forget that less is more

There is a reason minimalism is one of the most popular design trends of our time and there is also a reason it's among our favorite home office ideas as well. The fewer distractions there are around you, the more focused and productive you can be. We already talked about minimizing clutter, but this includes the amount and type of furniture as well. So, in terms of architecture and interior design - go with geometric shapes, neutral colors, and ornament-free furniture for your home office.

10. Add a bit of color for a vibrant feel

When building your home office space, don’t be afraid to use color. People often dismiss bold bright shades as they seem too distracting or childish for a work area, but a pop of color can do wonders if used correctly. For example, you can paint one wall in a trendy color, purchase a colorful chair that will stand out, or do something even simpler, like choosing a colorful lamp or other accessories. These home office ideas will give an energetic and lively feel to your workspace, without it becoming a distraction.

11. Don’t think twice about making it cozy

When building your office, creating an environment in which you’ll stay focused and productive should be your top priority. However, plenty of home office ideas revolve around making the space feel cozy. This is because setting the right mood can often make you feel more relaxed and provide you with inspiration for your projects. In order to make your home office feel more inviting, pay attention to color, light, and accessories. Use natural materials, a neutral color palette, and choose decorations that feel homey, like plants, candles, and blankets. For an extra cozy feel, make sure to use task lighting by setting up lamps with warm glow LED lights.

12. Convert your garage into a home office

Even if you have the option to incorporate a new office space into your home, sometimes a full house can be too big of a distraction. So, if you want to ensure that you will have peace and privacy - try out home office ideas that suggest moving your workspace to the garage or the attic. Although these rooms might lack big windows and natural light, you can still achieve a vibrant feel by using bright colors, unique patterns, and natural elements. According to designer Justina Blakeney, you can also use mirrors to amplify the power of the natural light that you've got.

13. Take your office outdoors

Another sure option for a distraction-free home office is to take your workstation outside. You can do this by building a small backyard studio that you can adapt to your personal needs and preferences. If you are not very into DIY projects, an even simpler option is to go for a prefabricated modular office. Prefabricated home office designs can offer you a simple and modern solution, so look through these modular home office ideas and find the one that best suits your needs.

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