ADU Site Analysis and Zoning Report

Know what you can build and what fits on your property with our Zoning Report

Local Codes
Property conditions
Size and Requirements
ADU Plans that fit

Just getting started? We'll help you know what you can build.

A Site Analysis is a necessary report for what is allowed and needed for your project.

What is included in an ADU Zoning Report

1 - Setbacks and Buildable Area for your ADU
2 - Square Footage and Height requirements
3 - Number of ADUs allowed
4 - Parking and other requirements

Zoning Requirement Example
Planning Department Contact name, email, phone
Zone Code R-1
Setbacks back, sides, front
FAR / Lot Coverage Requirements max, % of primary home
Height max, or % of primary home
Design aesthetic requirements
Historic Designation Yes / No
Parking Requirements 1/2 mile from transit
Flood, Earthquake, Fire Zone Yes / No
Designs that fit 5 designs fit your property and zone code

Benefits of a Site Analysis

Scheduling an ADU Site Analysis and Zoning Report is a tremendous value with little financial obligation. Whether you decide to go with us or not, you will get to keep your report how you please, as it will have a lot of valuable information about your parcel and work that is required to develop it.

Once we find out what you can build, we show you what ADU designs work on your property

Example ADU Report

Frequently Asked Questions

Will someone come out to my property?

No, this is just a step to understand the local rules as opposed to construction details.

Can I do this research myself?

Yes! If you have the time and patience, you can definitely do it yourself. We don't want to pressure you into using our zoning services but we have heard all the stressful stories of homeowners having issues with the local jurisdictions.

Why Dwellito?

We have been doing Site Analysis services for years and decided to invest in it to make it 10x cheaper and better. We found so many homeowners abandoning their projects because of bad experiences with this first step.

Why are we so cheap? We use technology to offset the human hours, passing on the savings to you. Don't worry, we still have humans reviewing every report so you can be confident. We also just focus on California as we are experts in Land Use Laws in California.

Here's a side-by-side breakdown of what you can expect:

Dwellito Others
Cost $250 $500 - $1,500
Time 3-7 days Weeks
Accuracy Up-to-date Varies, missing data
Pressure No sales pressure Must work with them
Extras Design options from multiple builders Designs just from 1 builder

Site Analysis and Zoning Report

Find out your local rules and site conditions for your ADU build


3-7 days