Build an ADU by yourself, or save the headache and let us handle everything

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Step 1
Find your buildable area

- Check with your local zoning authority to find out if your property is eligible for an ADU and what the requirements are in your area.

- Determine the available space on your property to build the ADU, taking into account setbacks, lot coverage, and other zoning regulations.

- Hire a land surveyor to confirm property lines and to create a topographical map.

Dwellito can help you navigate local zoning regulations and perform a land survey to identify the available space on your property.

Step 2
Find a design

- Consider what you need in an ADU, such as the size, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and any special features.

- Look for pre-designed plans that meet your needs and budget.

- Hire an architect or designer to customize the design or create a new design from scratch. Obtain cost estimates for the design.

Dwellito's ADU platform is the best ADU search and buying experience you can get on the internet. Find your perfect design in minutes, not months.

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Step 3
Build the team

- Hire a contractor who is experienced in building ADUs.

- Find and hire a structural engineer to review and approve the plans.

- Hire any necessary consultants, such as a civil engineer or environmental specialist.

We'll match you with a team of experienced professionals, including contractors, structural engineers, and consultants, to execute your ADU project to completion.

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Step 4
Secure a permit

- Apply for the necessary permits from the local zoning authority, building department, and any other regulatory agencies.

- Provide all required documents, such as drawings, specifications, and site plans.

- Pay any necessary fees.

We'll handle the permit application process, including preparing all necessary documents and paying fees on your behalf.

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Step 5
Break ground, move-in

- Prepare the site by clearing the area and installing temporary utilities.

- Begin construction according to the approved plans.

- Coordinate with the contractor to ensure that the project stays on schedule and within budget.

- Schedule regular inspections by the building department to ensure compliance with building codes.

- Obtain a certificate of occupancy once the ADU is completed and pass all final inspections.

- Move in!

Your professional ADU contractors will manage the construction process, ensuring that the project stays on schedule and meets all building codes and regulations, until your ADU is ready to move into.