- High End Architecture Grade Design

- Zero-Edge Full-View Glass Window

- Wood Cabinets For Extra Storage

- Hidden Outlets for Electrical Plugs

- Weather Tested, Rain Screen Siding

Width 12’3”

Depth 8’

Height: 8'3"

Square Footage: 96

Arrives to Site Fully Assembled

Site electrician required to connect 30 Amp (minimum) electrical service.

Minimum: 4 leveled concrete blocks on compacted ground.

Insulated with Closed cell spray foam (R-18).

Exterior Materials

-Steel Cladding (multiple colors)

Interior Finishes

-Maple Plywood or White Oak


Deposit (1 day)

Feasibility (1-2 weeks)

Production (6-8 weeks)

Delivery (3-5 days)

Install (1 day)


Preassembled homes are shipped fully assembled and craned in place on your property. These fully assembled units are transported on flat bed trucks.

Financing For Your Mini-Office

LightStream offers a unique lending solution that allows customers with strong credit to borrow funds for purchases that had previously required collateral, or that fall into categories where few or no loan options exist. With fixed competitive rates and flexible terms, a LightStream loan for $5,000 to $100,000 can be delivered directly to a borrower’s bank account, often as soon as the same day. There are no fees or charges, nor penalties for early payment.

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1-unit investment property
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Orbit In 3D

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Do I need a permit?

In most municipalities, you do not need a permit for a structure that is under 120 square feet. That said, it varies city-by-city so we recommend you calling your residential permit department for your city and ask about the allowances. If you need help knowing what questions to ask, we can give you a hand.

What is Made-To-Order

We make your mini-office once you order it.

How are these made?

The mini-offices are made in a warehouse. They are fully assembled in the factory, including electrical, roofing, walls, and flooring.

How does the delivery work?

After the units are prebuilt, meaning they are built in a warehouse and shipped fully assembled to your curbside. The office is securely packaged and shipped on a flat bed truck.

What heating and cooling unit is used?

The Mini-office has an optional Air Conditioning wall unit that can heat or cool your office. We designed this AC unit to be hidden in the wall and easily accessible from the back (exterior). The AC unit comes with a remote to control the temperature.

Model 96

5 left in stock
10-12 Weeks
Delivery Time

The mini-office Model 96 is a beautifully designed backyard office featuring modern details and architectural grade quality.

8' x 12'
Square Feet

Additional Costs: Installation (Crane or Forklift)

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Lead Time
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Ontario, Canada
US and Canada
8'-6" x 11'-5"
7-10 weeks

The 106

Vancouver Island, BC
Canada, USA
11' x 10'
10-12 weeks

The 146

Vancouver Island, BC
Canada and the US
10' x 15'
10 - 12 Weeks

Model 112

Phoenix, AZ
US and Canada
8' x 14'
10 - 12 weeks

Model 96

Phoenix, AZ
US and Canada
8' x 12'
10-12 Weeks

Model 64

Phoenix, AZ
US and Canada
8' x 8'
10-12 Weeks