ADU Platform for Jurisdictions

A platform to simplify the ADU process for homeowners

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Jurisdiction ADU Program

Improve homeowner's experience around building an ADU

📐 Site Planner & Zoning Check

Demystify Zoning for Homeowners.

Clear zoning laws in an interactive tool that helps homeowners visualize ADU possibilities in 2D and 3D, while significantly reducing the workload of city planning departments.

Interactive zoning code explanations
Visual tools for planning ADUs in 2D and 3D
Self-service features to reduce departmental workload
Instant zoning check

📱 Cost Calculator & Budget Planner

Accurate ADU Cost Forecasting.

Our ADU Cost Calculator offers a transparent, comprehensive view of potential expenses, coupled with a budget planner integrated with financing options, empowering homeowners to make informed financial decisions.

Advanced cost calculator for total ADU expenses.
Database of lenders.
Transparent cost breakdown for homeowners.

🏠 ADU Plans Platform

Simplify ADU Plan Management.

A streamlined, user-friendly experience, enabling city planners to efficiently review, annotate, and pre-approve ADU plans while offering homeowners an accessible database of pre-approved designs.

User-friendly website for homeowners to browse ADU plans.
Submission portal for designers and architects.
Easy-to-use planner interface for plan review and notes.
Secure listing of plans for homeowner access.

🔄 Service Provider Directory

Connect with Top ADU Specialists.

Offer homeowners an extensive directory of ADU specialists, featuring top-tier contractors, architects, lenders, and ADU companies, all expertly vetted to ensure quality and reliability for every homeowner's ADU project.

Comprehensive Service Providers Database.
Easy Navigation and Connectivity.
Updated and Reliable Contacts.

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Offer ADU Financing

Offer fast & easy financing to your customers at point-of-sale.
A graphical interface that contains several loan products and buttons to choose from

Sales Configurator

Let your customers visualize your product. More conversions. Higher average order value.

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Getting Started with Dwellito Checkout

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Step 1
Integrate into our inquiry tool

We'll set up a quick call to discuss your loan product. Once we pass the initial get-to-know each other part, we'll integrate your origination logic to integrate into our web app. This is necessary to give customers a ball-park idea of how much they could qualify for and at what rate.

Step 2
Trail run first

The trial phase has no costs or commitments. It's a two-way trial where you can see how the platform works and we can see how well our audience responds.

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Step 3
Watch as leads come in

Once we are live, we'll start sending you leads as customers fill out a inquiry form. Each lead will have basic information that the homeowner inputted: home value estimate, credit score estimate, desired loan amount, debt, and contact information.


Check out some common questions about our process

Can the software be integrated with our existing GIS platform for zoning data?

Yes, our software is designed to seamlessly integrate with your GIS platform, enabling the provision of accurate zoning data directly through our system.

Is it possible to incorporate this software into our municipal website?

Absolutely. Our software can be fully integrated into your existing municipal website, enhancing accessibility and user experience for homeowners and city staff.

How does the Pre-Approved Plans Platform function?

The platform allows city planners to select from a database of ADU plans, add relevant notes for the permitting process, and facilitates an efficient submission process for designers to contribute their plans.

Do you offer additional services related to ADUs?

Yes, we provide a comprehensive range of services to assist with all aspects of ADU development and management.

How secure is the software?

Our software is built with advanced security measures to ensure the protection and confidentiality of all data and interactions within the platform.

What are the steps to start using this software?

To get started, simply schedule a consultation with our team. We will guide you through the setup process and answer any questions you may have.

What is the pricing structure for the software?

Our pricing model is tailored to the size and specific needs of your jurisdiction. We provide a customized quote after discussing your requirements in detail.

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Help Homeowners Find ADU Plans

Claiming your page allows you to add Plans to your Plans Gallery, include notes on those plans, and give homeowners resources to take their first step.

Plans Gallery
Your plans gallery is a hand-picked selection of ADU Plans that you choose. You can add design notes to each plan so that Homeowners know exactly what requirements.

- Get Homebuilders to submit ADU plans to be Pre-Reviewed
- Choose to feature both Standard Plans and Pre-Reviewed Plans in your gallery

ADU Builders List
Want to give homeowners a list of ADU builders? We've curated the top ADU Builders and Plans into one place. Just select which ones you want to feature and done.

ADU Cost Calculator
Show the ADU cost calculator on your page to help homeowners budget for the entire cost of their ADU.

ADU Handbook
Lessen the complexity and fear about new construction by giving homeowners the step-by-step playbook to building an ADU

Homeowner Interactive Zoning Map
Give homeowners the ability to know what they can build, the max size requirements, and other requirements.

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