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Site Analysis
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A Site Analysis is a necessary report for what is allowed and needed for your project.

A Site Analysis is a brilliant way to get a report of what is needed and wanted with your land. After a few weeks; you will receive an official line-by-line estimate and timeline of your prospective project. With the help of a qualified Construction Management Professional, you will be able to discuss your project goals on-site. This includes the engagement of required consultants, getting bids from General Contractors, assisting with obtaining permits, as well as assisting with the management of onsite construction.

How much is a Site Analysis?

The Site Analysis is a paid service of $2,000. If upon visiting the site, the project is determined to be undeliverable, $1,500 of that is refunded to you. If you do end up building, the $2,000 fee is absorbed into the total project cost.

What is included in the Site Analysis?

1 - Measurements and conceptual design/orientation of desired prefab Home on your property
2 - Delivery Assessment to make sure we can deliver to your site
3 - Full Site Analysis Report Summary
4 - Code and Zoning Information
5 - A line item estimate for pre permit services, all of your site development and on site home finish work
6 - Anticipated project timeline
7 - Explanation of process, payment schedule, warranty information, and the cancellation policy

Site Analysis Benefits

Scheduling a Site Analysis is a tremendous value with little financial obligation! It helps bring ideas out of your mind and on to paper while answers many of those unknown questions about feasibility, orientation, timeline, and project cost. Whether you decide to build with us or not, you will get to keep and utilize the Site Analysis Report how you please, as it will have a lot of valuable information about your parcel and work that is required to develop it.

I have the land, how do I set up a Site Analysis today?

Once you have chosen one of our home models, and you have secured your land, all you have to do is give us a call or email! The New Home Consultant in your land area will discuss your project with you and schedule a Site Analysis as soon as you are ready. Again, we highly recommend using our Free Quote Tool first to see if total project costs come close to your project budget. Contact us today if you are ready to get start the process and become a Homeowner!

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*Fee is absorbed into the overall cost