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Site Planning
Average time is 2 weeks
Zoning & Building Requirements
Home Plans and Visualizations on Property
Site Plan For Submittal
We handle 1% of the project

Choose our Site Planning package for an unbiased evaluation of your property's possibilities. We help you envision the optimal use of your land without the pressure of sales pitches, ensuring you make informed decisions before selecting a builder.

Design & Planning
Average time is 1-2 months
Architect Grade Schematic Design (*Not Permit Set)
All-in Price Estimates from Vetted Contractors
360 Walkthroughs of Final Design
Site Planning & Site Plan Submittal
We handle 15% of the project

Select from our range of design services, whether you're looking for a permit-friendly standard plan or a bespoke design tailored to your property and budget. Dwellito is dedicated to matching you with the perfect design solution, transforming your vision into reality.

Full Service
Average time is 4-6 months
Everything from Design & Planning
Full Contractor Sourcing (all trades)
Everything from Start to Move-In
We handle 100% of the project

Opt for our comprehensive project management service for a hassle-free homebuilding experience. From initial design to final build, Dwellito manages every detail, offering you the luxury of time and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your project is in expert hands.

Ala Carte Services
Architecture & Engineering Drawings: $15,000
Digital Twin of Your Property: $850
Contractor Sourcing & Vetting: $450
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What's Dwellito?

Dwellito is a tech platform designed to simplify the homebuilding process, offering comprehensive tools and resources to homeowners embarking on construction projects such as building Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs).

Homeowners can use Dwellito to either connect directly with homebuilders or utilize our services. They can browse our plans and connect with builders, or they can use our tools for property assessment and cost estimation, streamlining their homebuilding process.

Property Assessment: Before engaging a builder or sales team, Dwellito helps homeowners assess their property's eligibility for projects like ADUs, ensuring compliance with local regulations and avoiding surprises.

Cost Estimation: Understanding project costs is vital. Dwellito provides tools to estimate building expenses accurately, empowering homeowners to budget effectively and plan wisely.

Design Assistance: Many homeowners have unique project ideas but lack design expertise. Our tech platform makes custom designs significantly cheaper.

Contractor Vetting: Dwellito assists homeowners in vetting contractors, ensuring they choose reliable professionals to execute their projects efficiently and effectively.

How does Dwellito help homeowners?

Dwellito assists homeowners in several key areas before engaging with a builder. Our platform allows users to assess their property's eligibility for construction projects, estimate project costs transparently, and collaborate with experienced architects to create custom designs tailored to their preferences and needs.

What is the property eligibility assessment feature?

Our property eligibility assessment tool helps homeowners understand what construction projects, such as ADUs, are feasible on their property. It ensures compliance with local regulations and zoning laws, helping to avoid potential setbacks or surprises during the planning process.

How does Dwellito estimate project costs?

Dwellito provides transparent cost estimation tools that allow homeowners to budget effectively for their construction projects. By inputting project details and specifications, users can receive accurate cost estimates, enabling informed decision-making and planning.

Can homeowners collaborate with architects on Dwellito?

Yes, Dwellito facilitates collaboration between homeowners and experienced architects to create custom designs for their construction projects. This ensures that designs meet the homeowner's preferences and functional needs, streamlining the design process and minimizing potential revisions.

Is Dwellito suitable for all types of construction projects?

While Dwellito specializes in assisting homeowners with projects like ADUs, our platform can be valuable for various construction endeavors. Whether you're building an ADU, a backyard studio, or another structure, Dwellito's tools and resources can help streamline the process and ensure a successful outcome.

How can homeowners get started with Dwellito?

Getting started with Dwellito is simple. Homeowners can sign up for an account on our website and explore our range of tools and resources. From there, they can begin assessing their property's eligibility, estimating project costs, and collaborating with architects to bring their construction projects to life.

Is Dwellito available in all regions?

Dwellito's platform is designed to be accessible to homeowners across various regions. While some features may be tailored to specific locations or jurisdictions, our tools and resources are designed to provide valuable assistance to homeowners wherever they may be located.

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Zoning & Planning

Navigate Local Regulations with Ease

Understanding and adhering to zoning laws is crucial in ensuring your prefab or modular home project progresses smoothly. Dwellito simplifies this process by offering expert guidance and support to help you navigate the zoning regulations specific to your locality.

Offer point-of-sale financing. Homeowners are unaware of financing options, causing 40%+ fallout. Offer specialty ADU financing that qualifies more homeowners.

When financing is incorporated at checkout, homeowners feel empowered and excited, and convert more often and more quickly. We created a powerful and seamless financing tool, and it's completely free.

Our platform aggregates best-in-class loan products and integrates them into a seamless customer experience. Our Contractor Certification process vets ADU Homebuilders based on their past projects, license status, company status and financial strength. We do the legwork so you don’t have to.

Comprehensive Zoning Analysis
Personalized Planning
Streamlined Approval Process

Fast & Easy Financing

From home equity loans to construction loans tailored for prefab homes, Dwellito provides access to a variety of financing options, ensuring you find the best fit for your budget and project.

Diverse Financing Options
No refinancing required
Streamlined Application Process
A graphical interface that contains several loan products and buttons to choose from

A Design You'll Love

Whether you prefer a standard model or a fully customized design, Dwellito's extensive range of design services caters to your unique preferences, ensuring your new home reflects your style and needs.

Most Variety of ADU options, anywhere
Standard Models Or Custom
Visualize Without the Rendering Fees

Hassle Free Construction

At Dwellito, we specialize in orchestrating the construction process by connecting you with a network of trusted manufacturers and expert installers, ensuring your prefab or modular home is assembled and installed flawlessly.

Strategic Team Assembly
Trusted Manufacturing Network
Expert Installer Matchmaking
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The trial phase has no costs or commitments. It's a two-way trial where you can see how the platform works and we can see how well our audience responds.

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Once we are live, we'll start sending you leads as customers fill out a inquiry form. Each lead will have basic information that the homeowner inputted: home value estimate, credit score estimate, desired loan amount, debt, and contact information.

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