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This calculator illustrates how much rental income you could potentially make with your ADU.

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How much does an ADU cost?

Accessory dwelling units, also known as ADUs, are popping up in the Los Angeles area faster than ever. Thanks to new legislation, Angelinos can now add living space for family or rental space to their single family home much easier.

Accessory dwelling units are a category of construction that adds additional living space to an existing structure, like a single family home. You can now purchase a prefabricated ADU or build a custom ADU on your single family lot.

ADUs can accommodate new family, office space, or even become a rental unit.

In LA, an ADU can be added to an existing home for any number of uses. For example, some Angelinos are turning their backyard into a gold mine by adding an ADU and using it as an AirBNB rental unit.

Prefab Home Breakdown

Home Base Price
Prefab Home Base Price$165,000
Site Preparation
Site Preparation and Clearing$5,000
Transportation and Installation
Transportation of Modules to Site$3,000
Crane Rental for Module Placement$2,500
Electrical Hookup$2,000
Plumbing Hookup$1,500
Sewer of Septic Installation$4,000
Additional Costs
Architect / Design Fees$4,000
Permits and Zoning Fees$1,500
Home Inspection$500
Total Cost$210,500