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Building on her success as president of MNM Brokers Inc a boutique real estate company in Fresno CA over the past ten years, Melisa’s understanding of the real estate industry is unparalleled. Her creative vision, zealous work ethic, intense focus on the process and clear communication deliver proven results for her clientele.

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What's an ADU?

An accessory dwelling unit, or ADU for short, is a secondary living space built on the same lot of land as a primary home, such as a basement apartment or tiny house in a backyard. ADUs are either attached or separate from the main home.

ADUs are becoming increasingly popular because of the variety of ways in which they can be optimized to save money and increase your income. If you’re in need of extra space for an office, an alternative to a retirement home for aging parents, or rental property as a source of passive income, an ADU may be an investment you should consider. See if an ADU is a good investment for you.

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ADU models

Here are 4 affordable ADUs that are available in Fresno, California. View other options at Dwellito.

Baseprice: $193,537 Shipping: $1,000 - $7,000 Permits: $3,000 - $8,000
Installation: $1,000 - $6,000 ‍ All-In: $198,537 - $214,537
$358,669 - $414,537
Canada, CA, WA, CO


2 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom, Kitchen
Baseprice: $173,236 Shipping: $1,000 - $7,000 Permits: $3,000 - $8,000
Installation: $1,000 - $6,000 ‍ All-In: $178,236 - $214,537
$275,266 - $394,236
Canada, CA, WA, CO


1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom, Kitchen

The ADU  Process

While some ADU manufacturers will take care of the entire process for you (turnkey), some manufacturers assume the customer will handle all aspects of the permitting and construction process.

Find out if your property is eligible

Inquire with the city about the size and shape of ADU. To get started on your ADU, here are some first steps.

Call Your City

Search Google for your city’s contact number. eg “City of Fresno Residential Permits Contact Number”
You can call the main line and get directed to the permitting department.

Ask these questions...

1) Can I put a secondary home on my lot (Accessory Dwelling Unit)?
2) What are my livable setbacks, and ADU size regulations?
3) Can I put a prefabricated guest house on my property?

Design your ADU

There are several great detached ADU models the are available in Fresno. Visit Dwellito for more ADU options.

Secure your budget and financing

Finance your ADU with Dwellito.

Drafting and Engineering

This step is necessary to complete the documents you will need for the permitting process.


Submit plans to the city for approval.


Some ADUs arrive on-site pre-built, while others require an installation. You may need to hire a contractor to construct the ADU.

Building an ADU in Fresno, CA

Fresno is located in Fresno County in California. Fresno has a total population of 494665 over a land mass of 111.96 Square Miles. When it comes to ADUs, the city allows for 1+ ADUs on a given property, and a square footage of 850-1,000 sf.

Number of ADU's Allowed


Size of ADU Allowed

850-1,000 sf

Types of ADUs Allowed

Detached, Junior, Attached

View Dwellito's in-depth breakdown on building an ADU in Fresno, CA.

Financing your ADU

Get the best financing for your prefab ADU. No need to take our home equity. We'll help you get the lowest rate, fully transparent, without the fuss.

4% APR

10 - 30 year terms

Up to $250,000

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