Duo Bath
The Duo Bath is a studio style accessible dwelling unit from Drop Structures, which includes a bathroom and a wet bar across 288 sq. ft.
Studio, 1 Bathroom, Kitchenette
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The luxuriously modern barn.

Built upon the pre-existing structure of the internationally known Mono product, the emphasis with the Duo Bath is on being straightforward and elegant. Given that it’s wider and longer than their previous design, there’s better space allowed for, and the additional six also makes it easier to move around the full size beds and other furniture (like coffee tables & chairs) which will no doubt fill up the interior area.

Despite its emphasis on luxury and comfort, the Duo Bath offers 288 sq. ft. at a value cost of $255 / sq. ft., making it one of the single cheapest modular homes on the market when it comes to total cost. As a low impact building that can be placed in the most remote locations, the floorplan was made to resemble a self-contained hotel room, mostly offering a comfortable sleeping / living area and a full sized bathroom.

Other specifications on offer include a cedar deck, vinyl flooring, an interior finish of Baltic Birch, and an integrated steel skid system, while design options include glass walls, skylights, additional windows, a Murphy bed, 4ft extensions, and custom blinds, effectively ensuring that no two Duo Baths need be the same.

Based in Alberta, Canada.

1 Bathroom
Built-in Foundation

Ships from Alberta, Canada.

Ships to Canada and USA.


Preassembled homes are shipped fully assembled and craned in place on your property. These fully assembled units are transported on flat bed trucks

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Our Take
Having been designed with luxurious accommodation for guests in mind, the Duo Bath (which comes to us from Drop Structures) is the ideal choice for those who need additional room at their holiday homes, as well as being suitable for glamping and resort development.
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