Coodo 64
The Coodo 64 is a smart, robust modular home, providing 678 sq. ft. for $265 / sq. ft.
1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom, Kitchen
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The ever-expanding smart modular house.

The most striking part of the Coodo range of modular homes is the simplicity with which the company designed the manufacture process. Once a buyer chooses the Condo 64, they can customise al wide range of things about it, such as the colors, fabrics, and details involved. What’s more, all of the systems that can be unsightly to look at—heating, cooling, and power generation, to be precise—are concealed within the flooring, ceiling, and walls, so the home is permanently tidy, no matter how much time you spend in it.

Offering 678 total sq. ft. at a relative cost of just $265 / sq. ft., the Coodo 64 is at the higher end of the value spectrum, making it an even more attractive option in the highly competitive modular home market. Environmentally friendly, as well as being possessed of an adaptable air system that promises constant fresh air and high-end insulation, the Coodo 64 can even be accessed via a phone or a tablet device, given that it has been fully integrated with smart technology in order to make everything as convenient as possible. Lastly, moving costs for the Coodo 64 are low, meaning that moving your house from location to location doesn’t have to be an ordeal; this final point offers buyers a great level of versatility and choice.

Large Kitchen
1 Bedroom
1 Bathroom

Ships from Germany

Ships to UK, Germany, and Denmark.


Preassembled homes are shipped fully assembled and craned in place on your property. These fully assembled units are transported on flat bed trucks

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Featuring levels of technological integration that aren’t to be found practically anywhere else on the market, the Coodo 64 is about as high-tech as a modular home gets, without losing focus on remaining environmentally friendly and straightforward to manufacture, transport, and install.
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Co-investing helps you free up cash by tapping into your home’s equity.

We offer a smart alternative to a traditional loan or line of credit by letting you convert existing equity in your home to cash. Unlike a loan, there are no monthly payments, fees, or interest charges. We’re able to do this by extending a cash payment to you today (for up to 17.5% of its current market value) in exchange for an option to purchase a percent of equity in your home in the future. You make no payments to us until you sell your home, or 30 years pass.

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