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The Ark Shelter S module is a modular home constructed from sustainable materials, which includes a bedroom, a living space and a bathroom on 396 sq. ft.
1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom, Kitchen
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The log cabin for the 21st Century.

For $194 / sq. ft., the Shelter S module offers everything you’d want it to without making the mistake of being cluttered and overcrowded. A living area, sleeping room, kitchen, and bathroom are all included in the extensively-detailed floor-plan, while the entirety of the construction process takes place using sustainable wood.

The Ark Shelter can be 100% self-contained and off-grid, by possessing the functionality to generate its own water and electricity. One typical feature of these new-fashioned log cabins are the large windows by which they’ve come to be known, which bring the beauty of the world outside directly in to the residence, without making the interior too bright.

With no fixed foundations, the Ark Shelter can be built anywhere the eye can see. On top of the versatility on offer, all of the furniture required for the kitchen, bathroom, and living area are included in the purchase and have been specially designed by Ark themselves, while even the double bed offers multifunctional capacity, given that it can transform into a couch with just a few minutes’ work. By keeping closeness with nature at the forefront of their architectural ideas, Ark have managed to create a home that works with our planet instead of against it.

Based in Belgium; built in Slovakia.

1 Bedroom
1 Bathroom
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Ships to Europe Only (Coming soon the North America)

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Ark-Shelter is designed to return to the basics by offering a way for humans to live within nature, instead of fighting against it. The mobile and zero impact design makes it easy to change locations without negatively impacting the environment in question.
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