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The Ark Shelter Lodge includes two separated bedrooms, a bathroom, a large window, a trundle bed, and a living space, over a total footprint of 386 sq. ft.
Studio, 1 Bathroom, Kitchen
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The family-friendly version of nature’s favorite modular home.

Priced at a relatively cheap $155 / sq. ft., the Ark Lodge incorporates two separated bedrooms, one at either end of the residence, each of which comes with its own oversized window to ensure that the space is the recipient of its own fair share of natural light.

Other features of the versatile, brilliantly-designed floorplan are the large living space and ample amounts of glass to light it, as well as the convertible spaces—like the trundle bed—which offers the owners of an Ark Lodge to invite friends over to stay, guaranteeing that there will be enough room to house them comfortable.

Still another big plus to the Lodge range of Ark-Shelter’s homes are the big terraces, one on each side, which are custom-made for whiling the days away in the company of Mother Nature herself, by inviting the environment in to the property itself. Kitchenette fixtures and furniture all come as standard with the overall package of the Ark Lodge, and every item has been deliberately designed to fit into the modular home with as much efficiency as possible, ensuring not even a single inch of the 386 total square footage goes to waste.

Based in Belgium; built in Slovakia.

1 Bathroom
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The Lodge range of Ark-Shelter homes was specifically designed with families and groups of friends in mind, by making careful design decisions that are conducive to bigger living spaces without compromising on the company’s core principle of sustainability.
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